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Staging Your Home to Sell

When getting listing photos taken or letting potential buyers into your home, you should have your home staged. A staged home helps the house not look empty, but removes a lot of personalization. The focus is on making the home widely appealing and showing off the features of your home. To tackle this task, you can do a DIY home staging, or hire someone to stage your home for you. When hiring someone, you can choose to do clean and declutter the home yourself or have the company do it for you. A DIY staging is the most affordable option but will take some time for you to do. If you chose to stage your own home, we recommend following these guidelines. 

Bright & Open

A good place to start is by increasing the lighting in your home. You should replace burned-out lightbulbs, clean windows, and open up your blinds. The light will help you create openness in your house, along with rearranging furniture. You can increase the space in your home by pointing seating towards each other and making room for conversational areas. Keep things neutral and inviting for others looking at your home so that they can imagine themselves living in the space.

Unique Features

Every home has some unique features that make it desirable. When staging the home, you should make sure that these spaces are utilized and highlighted for potential buyers. Dressing up a nook for reading or decluttering a storage closet will show buyer's the potential of the space. You can do the same for unused rooms, turning them into guest bedrooms or office space. 

Finishing touches

You will want to finish off the staging of your home with some final touches. Any styling that you do should look polished and unused. A bathroom should have new towels and soap, a table can be set for dinner, a couch can be dressed up with a throw pillow. You should avoid perfect symmetry and making areas too personal. A fixing of little maintenance issues will also be crucial to making your home seem appealing

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