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Staying at Home in Woodstock - Rebecca and Jay Nash

Today, we're interviewing local entrepreneurs Jay and Rebecca Nash.  A musician and a physical therapist, they have met the challenges of working in the time of corona uniquely and creatively.  

Jay Nash

Who are you and where do you live?  

My name is Jay Nash.  I live in Hartland, Vermont.

What do you do? For how long have you been doing it?  

I am a singer, a songwriter, a composer of music for television, film and advertising and a producer of records.  I’ve been making music for a living for 22 years.

How has your life and livelihood changed in the time of Covid-19?  

Well…this Spring, my band, The Contenders had a tour lined up that was set to be the biggest and most significant of our career in terms of audience reach and gross revenue.  That got blown out of the water.  Touring has been a huge part of my career - both in respect to the income and exposure that it generates and because of the inspiration gleaned from the experience of sharing music with live audiences.

Since the first shelter in place orders in the country were announced, I have been performing regular weekly live streaming concerts in my studio (you can find the schedule at https://www.jaynash.com/).  I tiptoed into this world reluctantly at first, but the entire experience has grown on me immensely.  There were many technical challenges that needed to be sorted out before I could focus singularly on the songs and achieving an emotional connection with an audience that I couldn’t actually see.  That took some time, but for the most part, I think that I have it figured out now.  The online shows have really come to feel like connected experiences.  It’s a beautiful thing to see familiar names and faces turning up from all over the world in a single (virtual) venue.

Since this whole thing began, I have felt more acutely aware of the healing power of music than perhaps ever before in my life.  I feel a sense of duty to make my music available (for free) to anyone who my find comfort in it.  So - I my online shows are all available to experience for free as are high resolution audio recordings of each performance.  People have not been shy about expressing their appreciation with stories of how various songs and performances have impacted their lives.  That has been extremely rewarding.

I do accept virtual tips/donations on my social media platforms during the shows, but I really don’t want anyone to feel obligated to spend money in order to enjoy the music.  I’m confident that the folks who can, will.  I remain optimistic that it will all work out just find if we set out to give more than we receive.

What is the most important thing that people can do to help support you and/or your business?

Spread the word about the online performances, visit the online store, stream my music, sign the mailing list - https://www.jaynash.com/.

What changes do you hope to see in a post-quarantine world? I’ve been ruminating on the idea that we have been sent to our rooms by the Universe to think about our relationship with our planet and each other. In a lot of ways, prior to this, we were collectively spinning at an unsustainable pace with respect to consumption of resources, information and energy.  We’ve been largely distracted from the most important elements of our human existence.  Maybe, just maybe we will come out of this thing just a little bit more mindful, more kind, more generous and more grateful than before.  And maybe, just maybe we will stop wrapping everything in single use, non recyclable plastic.  (ha.)

Rebecca Nash

Who are you and where do you live?

My name is Rebecca Nash. I am a Physical Therapist. I have my own practice in Woodstock, and I live in Hartland.

What do you do? For how long have you been doing it?

I started my practice in 2013. I offer a unique set of services as a physical therapist. My primary treatment is hour-long, manual therapy sessions to help people with both acute and chronic issues.

How has your life and livelihood changed in the time of Covid-19?

I am a medical professional, so I am deemed an “essential service” at this time. I have decided, however, to close my doors unless it is for a patient who is in crisis. Most of my clients see me for maintenance and injury prevention and have chosen to stay home at this time.

What is the most important thing that people can do to help support you and/or your business?

I suppose the most important thing is that people keep in touch and return to see me once this crisis is over. I also hope that people will spread the word about my services to others who may benefit from them. I do plan to offer gift cards and discounted packages for my services for the future. A website, on-line scheduling and a new list of services will come out soon. In the meantime, anyone can contact me if they are interested: drrebeccanash@gmail.com

What changes do you hope to see in a post-quarantine world?

This is a big question, but as it relates to my practice, I hope that we will do a better job avoiding the need for such long-lasting social distancing in the future, if and when we are faced with such a crisis again. I hope that the kindness, generosity and hope that has developed during this time will persist into post-quarantine life and that we will be more aware of how much we love and need each other. And finally, I hope you will all return! I look so forward to seeing you all and the privilege of serving this community again!

We will all look forward to a time that we can gather together to enjoy music and see our favorite healers without worry.  Until then, friends, let's continue to support one another!  


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